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What are conclusion starters? A conclusion starter is a clue that notifies the readers that they are at the final paragraph of the essay. Basically, a conclusion is the end portion of a piece of writing. When writing an essay or thesis, like an introduction, a high level of importance should be given to the conclusion. Remember, your readers may change their perspectives based on how you have concluded your essay. So, try to write your conclusion paragraph in an engaging and thought-provoking manner.

Do you know how to write the conclusion effectively? By using conclusion sentence starter, summary points, and closing sentences, you can write a powerful and persuasive conclusion. To understand more about conclusion starters and the ways to effectively use that in your conclusion, continue reading this blog post.

What is a Conclusion?

A conclusion is a final paragraph in an essay, article, or research paper. Mainly, the conclusion paragraph summarizes the entire writing. The primary aim of the conclusion is to convince the readers about your thoughts. In simple terms, the conclusion wraps up your essay and gives a sense of closure on your piece of writing to your readers. Also, it is the most important part of an essay that has the power to create an impact on the minds of the readers.

How to Write a Conclusion

Generally, many writers don’t give much importance to the conclusion paragraph. Most of the time, the writers will wrap up their essays in a hurry without concentrating much on the conclusion paragraph. Even, some writers will forget to include that section in their essay.

Remember, if the ending of your essay is weak, then obviously your readers will not carry forward the thoughts or ideas you have discussed in your essay. The readers will quickly forget what was shared in your essay. So, in order to leave an impact on the reader’s mind and to persuade the audience, you should write the conclusion with a sense of responsibility.

How to write an effective conclusion? Basically, the thoughts or arguments in an essay will be structured and organized as per a standard essay format. Likewise, the conclusion paragraph in an essay should also be written properly according to a standard format.

When writing a conclusion paragraph in your essay, you should provide a summary of what was discussed in the body paragraphs of your essay. In the conclusion, you should specifically consider the major points that you intend to put forward to your audience. If you have a brilliant introductory paragraph that covers everything about your writing, then similar to that write a concluding paragraph with different wordings.

As per the basic format, the conclusion paragraph should begin with a good conclusion sentence starter. Followed by that, a summary of the important points should be provided. Finally, the paragraph should be closed with a closing sentence that includes a call to action or impactful final words.

Points to Remember When Writing a Conclusion

Here, are a few important tips you should always keep in mind while composing the conclusion paragraph.

  1. Never introduce a new topic or an idea that was not discussed in your writing.
  2. Never emphasize the minor points of your essay.
  3. Place the emphasis only on the main points of your essay that you wish to transfer to the readers.
  4. To connect with the audience, ask a provocative question related to your essay’s main point. Other than that, you can also use any questions, call to action, or warning to make your readers relate to your writing.
  5. The conclusion should be influential, and it should leave an impression on the readers’ minds.
  6. To create an impact, suggestions can also be provided to the readers.
  7. Make the conclusion as memorable as possible.

Outline of Conclusion Paragraph

When crafting your conclusion paragraph, make sure to stick to the general outline of the conclusion paragraph as mentioned below.

Conclusion Sentence Starter: Begin the concluding section with an excellent conclusion sentence starter. A conclusion starter is the one that gives a sense of closure to the readers.

Summary: Next to the conclusion starter sentence, summarize all the major points in the body paragraphs of the writing.

Closing Sentence: After the brief summary, close the concluding section with a closing sentence. The closing sentence can include a call to action, quotes, suggestions, or any other significant final words.

Advantages of Conclusion

If you have a good conclusion, then you can earn the following benefits.

  1. It provides a simple and clear overview of the essay.
  2. It reminds the strength of your arguments to the readers.
  3. It emphasizes the significant evidence that supports your arguments.
  4. It motivates the readers to leave comments.
  5. For blogs, it encourages the readers to subscribe.

An Overview of Conclusion Starters

In a conclusion paragraph, the conclusion starters are the most important thing that should be given concentration. Basically, the conclusion starter sentence is the first sentence in the conclusion paragraph that will inform the readers that you are about to close your writing. The simplest way to complete the job is by using the conclusion starter words.

The conclusion starters are nothing but simple keywords or phrases that will indicate to the readers the closure of your writing. In other terms, the conclusion starters can also be identified as a link between the body and conclusion paragraph. There are numerous conclusion starters available.

Generally, based on the type of writing, the structure of the conclusion paragraph also changes. However, for essays types like argumentative essays, descriptive essays, compare and contrast essays, and narrative essays, the conclusion starter words are typically the same but the conclusion sentences are different.

Characteristics of Good Conclusion Starters

Simply ending an essay abruptly will not be impactful to the readers. So, write a conclusion paragraph and sum up the key concepts or points discussed in the body paragraphs of the essay. Most importantly, to let the readers know they have reached the end part of a document, use conclusion starters at the beginning of the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion starters are transitional phrases that should possess the following characteristics.

  1. Conclusion starters should be just a few words that introduce the beginning sentence of the concluding section.
  2. It should let the readers know that they have reached the start of the closing section.
  3. It makes the readers understand what they are about the read in that section would not provide any new piece of information.
  4. It sets an expectation to the readers regarding how the work will be moved to the finish point.

List of the best Conclusion Starters

List of the best Conclusion Starters

If you are a school, college, or research student, then you will often be assigned a task to write an essay or a research paper. When writing the content for a speech or an essay, you should have a proper conclusion paragraph. In the final paragraph, make sure to choose a conclusion starter that sets an appropriate tone.

Listed below are some best conclusion starters that you can consider while writing the conclusion paragraph.

Engaging Conclusion Starters for High School

  1. Finally
  2. Thus
  3. In conclusion
  4. Surely
  5. Overall
  6. Eventually
  7. Ultimately
  8. Basically
  9. In a nutshell
  10. In closing
  11. Altogether
  12. To summarize
  13. In brief
  14. To finish with
  15. Above all
  16. In short
  17. I conclude that
  18. As a result
  19. To sum it all up
  20. On balance
  21. To put it briefly
  22. In a word
  23. As I see it
  24. As stated above
  25. On the whole
  26. All in all
  27. Cutting a long story short
  28. As shown above
  29. Given these points
  30. Based on the discussion above

Good Conclusion Starters for College

  1. In effect
  2. To review
  3. Without doubt
  4. Looking back
  5. In my opinion
  6. The study concluded
  7. The broad conclusion
  8. In the end
  9. Towards this end
  10. I recommend that
  11. I agree that
  12. For these reasons
  13. All things considered
  14. From now on
  15. I hope you
  16. In the future
  17. In the final analysis
  18. To wrap it all up
  19. As a final point
  20. The informative conclusion is that
  21. Last but not least
  22. The summative conclusion is that
  23. I hope you can now learn that
  24. The time has come to
  25. So, I have come to a conclusion
  26. After all has been said
  27. For the most part
  28. You should now consider
  29. I think I have shown that
  30. Now you know why

Conclusion Starters for Research Papers

  1. As a result of
  2. Based on the results
  3. In the final result
  4. Data seem to indicate
  5. The data indicate
  6. The major revelation from this study
  7. While additional research is needed
  8. As indicated by the data
  9. Based on what we have at this point
  10. The results of this study indicate
  11. With products like these, it seems
  12. To extrapolate from the data
  13. Surprisingly, the information revealed
  14. In light of these results
  15. Based on the evidence presented
  16. The data reveal
  17. Upon analyzing the data
  18. In the context of x, it seems that
  19. As expected, the results indicate
  20. While these results seem to indicate
  21. What this study reveals is
  22. The results of this study demonstrate
  23. What we now know is
  24. Upon review of these findings
  25. While further research is warranted

Conclusion Starters for Essay

  1. After all
  2. As stated in the introduction
  3. As you can see
  4. Due to
  5. Furthermore
  6. Despite
  7. So in the end
  8. Even though
  9. My overall conclusion is
  10. Honestly
  11. I conclude
  12. I hope I have been able to convince you that
  13. It is clear that
  14. Keep in mind
  15. I think
  16. So, I have come to a conclusion that
  17. In all
  18. In fact
  19. In lieu of this
  20. To Conclude
  21. Subsequently
  22. Meanwhile
  23. One can conclude
  24. You can see that
  25. Lastly
  26. In general
  27. As expressed
  28. Indeed
  29. In spite of
  30. To this end
  31. To wrap it up
  32. For this reason
  33. In my view
  34. To Finish
  35. In summary
  36. I conclude with
  37. Simply put
  38. In this way
  39. Moreover
  40. Nevertheless
  41. As stated
  42. Restating
  43. That’s why I think
  44. To sum it up
  45. The logical conclusion seems to be

Great Conclusion Starters

  1. One final idea
  2. While
  3. After discussing
  4. The nexus between
  5. Since
  6. My conclusions are
  7. Although
  8. To finish off
  9. I look forward to
  10. My final bow is that
  11. It is my sincere belief that
  12. Hence
  13. It is worth re-examining
  14. I would like to say finally
  15. As I already explained
  16. As this paper demonstrates
  17. Therefore
  18. It strikes me that
  19. My final thoughts are
  20. To briefly review
  21. All in all
  22. Through this research, we learn that
  23. It is my conviction that
  24. My verdict is that
  25. I am convinced that
  26. As evidence shows
  27. It seems clear to me that
  28. My last point is
  29. That was the conclusion reached
  30. The summative end is that
  31. Do you realize that
  32. My reflections on
  33. Based on the evidence presented, it seems
  34. There must be no doubt that
  35. The research proves that
  36. My final question is
  37. It is obvious that
  38. The data indicate that
  39. On the whole
  40. The facts support the argument that

Excellent Conclusion Starters

  1. Clearly
  2. I feel we have no choice but to conclude
  3. In drawing to a close
  4. Upon exploring the situation from multiple perspectives
  5. In light of this information
  6. When considered from the perspective of
  7. Now that you know
  8. What it boils down to
  9. What else can we conclude but that
  10. The data clearly indicate
  11. Upon considering all the facts
  12. What other conclusion can we draw from
  13. When faced with the question of
  14. With all this in mind
  15. Based on what is known at this point in time
  16. While further study is warranted
  17. What I think is
  18. Surprisingly, the data revealed
  19. The major revelation from this study is
  20. The results of this study seem to indicate
  21. To wrap this up
  22. With results like these, it seems
  23. To cut a long story short
  24. After all has been said and done
  25. As I see things
  26. To get to the heart of the matter
  27. Beyond a shadow of a doubt
  28. Without all the mumbo jumbo
  29. In case you’ve wondered
  30. In simple terms
  31. When all is said and done
  32. What I believe to be true
  33. To plainly state the facts
  34. At the end of the day
  35. My personal take on
  36. To cut to the chase
  37. What are we to think about
  38. Who knew that
  39. On considering the different facts presented in this work
  40. In a simple language

Conclusion Starters for Thesis

  1. From the above-determined results, it seems
  2. What the study reveals is
  3. Unexpectedly the data revealed
  4. The result of this research showcases
  5. While further research is required
  6. As per the final analysis
  7. In the context of the concept
  8. The significant revelations made by the study
  9. On reviewing these findings it can be stated
  10. As expected, the results signify
  11. To assume from the data
  12. While further research is competent
  13. In the light of these findings
  14. Since the data indicate
  15. As per the data, it can be indicated
  1. To reach the core of the heart
  2. To make a long story short
  3. As the time comes to wrap up
  4. As I observe things
  5. No one could have assumed that
  6. After all, has been told and done
  7. As per my perspective
  8. Due to the result
  9. On exploring the situation from different angles it can be concluded
  10. When faced with the question of
  11. There is nothing else we can conclude but
  12. Considering from the perspective of
  13. With all these in mind
  14. All aspects considered
  15. In drawing to the closure

Wrapping Up

From the list of conclusion starters suggested in this blog post, you can choose any appropriate concluding words or phrases for writing the conclusion of an essay or speech. No matter what your topic is, in order to make your writing or speech memorable for the target audience, be sure to prepare an effective conclusion. In particular, to give the readers a sense of closure try to use the best conclusion starters at the beginning of your concluding paragraph sentence.

On the whole, writing a conclusion paragraph is a challenging task to deal with. You should carefully choose the words and summarize the main points in a way that is convincing to the readers. In case, you are not sure how to write an effective conclusion using the conclusion starters, call us and take our assignment writing help. To offer you reliable academic assistance, we have a team of professional academic writers who are experts in writing essays and research papers on the best topics.

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