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PEEL writing is a standard approach the writers often use to structure essay paragraphs. In specific, if you want to present the essay in a way that is understandable to your readers, then you can effectively organize your thoughts or ideas with the help of the PEEL paragraph writing technique. Do you know what is PEEL writing? Are you aware of how to structure a paragraph in an essay using the PEEL method? Continue reading this blog post and learn the complete details about the PEEL paragraph writing technique with examples.

PEEL Writing Definition

PEEL Writing is a technique that provides specific guidelines for the writers to structure a paragraph in an essay. With the help of the PEEL writing method, as a writer, you can follow a particular structure and mold the paragraphs in academic essays convincingly. Mainly, PEEL writing will help you express your thoughts or opinions in a concise and reasonable manner to the readers and make the essay easy for everyone to understand.

Expansion of PEEL

What does the acronym PEEL stand for?


E- Evidence

E- Explain

L- Link

When you write an essay, you can structure the paragraphs by including the following elements.


It is the most crucial part of the paragraph that is considered to be an opening. Here, the beginning sentence should describe the point to be discussed in the entire paragraph. The point should be simple, clear, and relevant to your argument, thesis statement or essay topic. Your readers should be able to understand what your paragraph is all about by just reading your point or topic sentence. Hence, make sure to describe the point carefully in a way to hold the reader’s attention.


Next to the point, add all the necessary evidence or examples that support your arguments. As evidence, you can include facts, statistics, events, data, etc. But remember, the evidence you present in your essay should be collected from credible resources such as research papers, books, magazines, journals and authorized websites or blogs. While you gather supporting evidence, in order to receive the best possible outcome, take your time to perform deep research. You can persuade your readers to agree with your views and make them believe your points only with your evidence. Hence, for the authenticity of the essay, never fail to provide valid and relevant evidence supporting your topic.


After including the evidence or proof, explain to the readers how the evidence or example you have provided is relevant to your point. The explanation you provide should be proper and clear. Remember, if you justify your points accurately by explaining your evidence, then obviously you can increase the trust of your audience.

It refers to closing a paragraph and beginning a new one. For a natural flow, the paragraph transitions should be done by effective linking, meaning, the second paragraph should begin from the ending of the concept discussed in the first paragraph. Writing the transitions might be tricky but if you use proper links between each paragraph, you can hold your readers within your essay and make them read the entire essay.

Till now, we saw the basics of the PEEL writing technique. Next, let us move on to the benefits of writing the PEEL paragraph.

Advantages of PEEL Paragraph

In scholarly life, you can’t escape from writing essays. To design and structure an essay, there are several themes available. But PEEL writing is one of the effective techniques that will help the writers to present their arguments clearly with supporting evidence after doing a proper evaluation and analysis.

The PEEL writing method can be widely used for crafting expository, argumentative essays, research papers and personal essays. While writing academic papers or essays using the PEEL method, each paragraph should follow the PEEL structure. Usually, the count of the paragraphs in PEEL writing depends on the total number of arguments. Each PEEL paragraphs should contain at least four sentences. Most importantly, every paragraph in an essay that follows PEEL writing should have a Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link.

Listed below are a few benefits that you can gain by writing the PEEL paragraph.

  • Maintains a balanced flow of ideas by following proper structure.
  • Engages the audience.
  • Makes the readers stay within the essay without deviating them.
  • Address the topic with relevant evidence.
  • Presents the essay in-depth with clear points.

Effective Ways to Structure PEEL Paragraph

Effective Ways to Structure PEEL Paragraph

If you have a basic understanding of what PEEL writing is, then you can easily craft your essay. So, how to structure a paragraph using PEEL writing? Here, are a few effective ways that you should follow for the preparation of a well-structured essay.

Plan the paragraph

Before you start writing, the crucial step you should consider first is planning. Never ignore this step. In this phase, first, understand your essay topic and take notes of the points to be covered in the essay. With the notes prepared, sketch a neat outline by splitting the topic into separate paragraphs. During planning, make sure what points to be included in each paragraph. Remember, you can save your time and present your point clearly to your readers if you plan properly.

Prepare the introductory section

After you are done with the planning, build your idea and introduce it to your readers. The introductory paragraph should focus on the brief background information of the essay topic and should have a strong thesis statement. It should concisely define what your essay is all about and highlight the point of discussion.

Create the body paragraphs

Once you are done with the introduction section, you can focus on your argument in the body paragraphs by explaining the topic sentences that are relevant to the thesis statement. Based on your arguments, you can have any number of body paragraphs. Usually, the standard essays follow a five-paragraph structure with one introduction, three body paragraphs and one conclusion. But each paragraph should contain Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link as per the PEEL method.

Identify the Point

When writing the body paragraphs, first identify the point of discussion to be included in each paragraph. In an essay, each paragraph should specifically speak about one topic sentence that is relevant to the essay theme or thesis statement.

Find the best examples

You can’t make your readers believe your argument if you fail to present the evidence. Hence, to enhance the value of your essay topic and to persuade the readers, search and find the best examples or evidence that is relevant to your topic. When identifying the examples or evidence, pick only the proofs that have detailed information. The proof should be from credible sources, and you should give a proper explanation for all the pieces of evidence you include in your essay.

Add the linking statement

After explaining the point with evidence, conclude the paragraph with a linking statement. The transition sentence you add at the end of each paragraph should establish a connection with the next paragraph you write. Using a proper linking statement will help you to maintain the flow of your narration. So, for each paragraph, analyze and pick the best linking statements.

Include a conclusion section

After crafting each PEEL paragraph in the body of the essay, finally, conclude your essay. In the conclusion section, provide a summary of the overall essay and also add a thesis restatement and a call to action.

Proofread all the paragraphs

If you have completed writing all the paragraphs in your essay using the PEEL method, proofread the entire text. Each paragraph you have structured in your essay should be flawless. So, revise the content multiple times and check for the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in it.

Based on the effective ways discussed above you can structure your essay neatly by following PEEL writing technique. Mainly, when writing the body paragraphs, focus to explain your arguments with the Point, Evidence, Explain and Link method.

PEEL Writing Tips

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while writing your essay using the PEEL method.

  • The essay should be in a formal tone.
  • For narration, use the third person point of view (He, She and It).
  • Avoid writing the essay in the first person (I, we, me, my, mine, and so forth.)  and second person(you)
  • Use contractions with apostrophes. Example: Use doesn’t instead of does not.
  • Never use personal pronouns (I and me) in the essay.
  • Don’t write the essay like the way you talk.

PEEL Paragraph Writing Examples

To help you understand the concept of PEEL writing, here we shared a few examples of how to structure a PEEL paragraph.

Go through them one by one and get a clear understanding.

Example 1

Topic: Should everyone read Newspaper?

Point: Everyone should read the newspaper.


Reading the news from various categories helps us to broaden our knowledge. The majority of the people in this world keep themselves updated by reading all the columns in the newspapers.


Newspapers inform us a wide range of information about the latest events, local happenings, economic news, improvement in the various fields of science, technology and the trending updates from other categories such as sports, entertainment, politics, and business.

Linking Statement:

These pieces of information from the newspapers keep us updated about the current happenings across the world, and hence everyone should read the newspapers.

Example 2

Topic: Should animals be kept in zoos?


Separating wild animals from their natural habitat is cruel.


When the animals are kept in zoos, they will feel bored and lonely. Possibilities are there for the majority of the animals to go through a condition called ‘Zoochosis’, meaning the caged animals will be anxious, perform the acts repeatedly, sway and vomit.


A condition such as ‘Zoochosis’ clearly demonstrates that the wild animals that are in prison-like enclosures will be under terrible mental suffering.

Linking Statement:

Hence, all the animals in zoos should be set free. If the animals are freed from zoos, then their mental torture and physical suffering will end for good.

Example 3

Topic: Should Toddlers be given smart phones?

Point: Smart phones should not be given to Toddlers.


Studies show that children below 4 years of age nowadays face developmental delays because of exposure to the screen for a long time. Also, a pediatric study reveals that using smart phones for a long time causes potential health risks both physically and mentally.


When the toddlers interact more with the smart phone screens, their interaction with the real outside world decreases and creates serious effects on their physical and mental health due to the lack of developmental activities.

Linking Statement:

These pieces of evidence show how the health of the toddlers is ruined because of more screen time and hence the toddlers should not be allowed to use the smart phone.

Example 4

Topic: Are plastic bags disastrous for the environment?

Point: Plastic bags are disastrous for our environment.


Studies show that nearly 500 billion plastic bags are used by shoppers every year. Out of these, many single-use plastic bags that are thrown out are ending up in the ocean or landfills.


Plastic bags leak toxic chemicals into the ocean and create a threat to the life of sea animals.  Also, the wastes that are dumped in the land-fill cause soil pollution and make the soil unfit for the growth of the plants.

Linking Statement:

Hence, reducing plastic bags would keep the soil fertile and the ocean clean, without causing damages to the environment.

Example 5

Topic: Should drug abuse be encouraged among college students?

Point: College students should not be allowed to consume drugs.


Recent research shows that learners who are addicted to drugs either perform poorly in studies or discontinue their studies.


The reason why the students perform poorly in their studies is due to a lack of concentration. Also, the students who are addicted to drugs are more likely to spend most of their time looking for the next fix and because of that skip their classes.

Linking Statement:

As college students are losing their value of life completely and performing poorly in academics, the consumption of drugs should be banned.

Wrapping Up

We hope you are now clear with the PEEL writing technique. By following the tips mentioned in this blog post, you can effectively craft the essay using the PEEL paragraph. After you have completed writing your essay, make sure to check whether you have covered all the four elements of the PEEL. You can have any number of PEEL paragraphs in your essay based on your arguments or thesis topic. Once you are done with structuring your essay, proofread the whole essay before submission.

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